Quality, Health & Safety, Environment

To achieve its goals of QHSE, SMM requires all employees and contractors working under its control and coordination, to adhere and contribute to the ongoing development of its rigorous standards and procedures for quality, safety and the environment.

By integrating QHSE in its DNA, SMM pursues a culture of continuous improvement in all its activities.

As a responsible partner, SMM is committed to ensuring that its activities are an added value for customers, the environment and the local population, working closely with independent, reputable organizations and other stakeholders. SMM operates under strict standards and legal requirements set by national agencies of the countries in which it works.

The active way in which subcontractors and service providers have encorporated this culture of safety and respect for the environment, has enabled SMM to receive several awards from its customers and partners in the areas of safety and the environment.

 SMM addresses all its projects in an open and proactive environment, supported by effective communication between top managers, employees and service providers and supported by an ongoing program of investment in security. Management teams and employees know the future and sustainability of SMM's activity depend on its commitment to safety, health and the environment.