Health and Safety

Health and Safety

SMM is dedicated to developing its activities with full commitment, in a working environment where safety and the prevention of injury and damage to health, are seen by all employees as a concern and an essential responsibility in performing their tasks, thus promoting their welfare and that of those with whom we interact.


All accidents, injuries and illnesses in the workplace can be prevented. Thus, SMM, aware of the reality surrounding the performance of its activities, focuses on continued training and information to ensure compliance with safety standards, methods and procedures.

In order to ensure Health and Safety in the performance of its activities, SMM is committed to:

- Promoting a culture of continuous improvement to ensure, firstly, compliance with the rules and procedures and, simultaneously, the challenging of those rules in order to create safer and more responsible procedures and working practices

- Ensuring the creation of a work environment that provides the protection of its employees and contractors, subcontractors and visitors

The active way in which subcontractors and service providers have encorporated this culture of safety and respect for the environment, has enabled SMM to receive several awards from its customers and partners in the areas of safety and the environment.

SMM complies with the International Health and Safety standard OHSAS 18001 and VCA certificate, level SCC ** 2008 / 5.1 (Scope: Construction of Natural Gas Tanks and Mechanical Works).

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