Power Generation

Power Generation

In the Power Business, SMM’s references include assemblies in various types of thermal power plants, namely coal fired, combined cycle, cogeneration, incineration and biomass, having been present in the construction of some of the largest power plants in the national territory. Also of note is the company’s extensive experience in recovery boilers for the Pulp & Paper industry.

SMM’s portfolio also covers the renewable hydroelectric energy field; SMM is co-operating in the Portuguese national construction program concerning hydro-electric power plants, in particular in the Alqueva, Venda Nova and Foz Tua plants, carrying out the mechanical and hydromechanical equipment assembly.


-     Chemical, biomass, recovery and coal boilers

-     Co-Generation plants

-     Mechanical BOP systems

-     Turbo Generators

-     Gas Treatment Systems in Coal Fired Plants, namely

      Denitrification plant

      Desulphurization plant


-     Assembly and installation of hydromechanical equipment, hydropower turbines and respective auxiliary systems

-     Penstock shielding