Hydrocarbon Storage

Hydrocarbon Storage Farms and Terminals

The construction of hydrocarbon storage farms and respective terminals has been in SMM’s portfolio for a very long time, currently representing one of its core businesses; SMM is, in fact, one of the pioneers concerning this activity in Portugal, dating back to the 1950’s. SMM has a comprehensive portfolio of works comprising the erection of both atmospheric tanks (fixed and floating roof versions) as well as spherical pressure vessels, like, for instance and among others, in the storage farms of GALP Energia refineries and in CLC Aveiras hydrocarbon logistics storage yard.

More recently, SMM carried out the total refurbishment (including replacement of loading arms) of the transfer jetties of the GALP marine terminal in the Matosinhos Harbour (Porto – Portugal), as well as the erection of 12 tanks with a total capacity of 200,000 m³ for Nova Terminals in the Netherlands.

SMM also carries out EPC projects, as is the case of the turn-key supply and construction of the 4-de-Fevereiro Airport combustibles terminal in Luanda (Angola).