Company's History


Formation of SMM, as a consequence of the merger of Mompor with the assembly activity of Sorefame, which results in the largest metalworking assembly company in Portugal. 


Formation of the Senete Group incorporating Mague, Sorefame, Sepsa and SMM.


Following the initial acquisition of 40%, the ABB Group becomes the majority shareholder in the Senete Group.


ABB Group acquires the totality of Senete Group's shares. SMM is then restructured in accordance with the ABB organisation and incorporates a wide multidisciplinary team resulting from the integration of the activities of the assembly firms Mague, Sepsa and Sorefame.


Construction of Aveiras Fuel Park (CLC) tanks.


Construction of the first LNG tanks in the Sines terminal.


Between 1999 and 2004, participates, as the main supplier to Sonangol, in the recovery and rehabilitation of logistical fuel facilities in Angola.


Incorporation into SMM of the company MAGUE-Equipamentos de Movimentação, SA including all its assets, rights and obligations, providing SMM with the capacity to work in port equipment, and lifting in general, on a large scale.


SMM is awarded the construction of the LNG Terminal tanks of Snohvit, Norway, belonging to Statoil, representing the first large contract in the internationalisation of the company.


Following the decision of the ABB Group to divest its non-core businesses, of which SMM is included, the company is aquired by its senior management through a management buy-out process (MBO).


GATE LNG Terminal, in the Netherlands. Awarded the construction of 3 tanks of 180,000 m3 simultaneously.


Participates in the consortium (Alstom/Efacec/SMM) for the project Strengthening Power in Alqueva.


Leads consortium that builds Petrochemical Artland, in Sines. In this project 1.1 million hours of labour were performed and approximately 72km of piping installed.


Participates in the consortium (Andritz, Efacec, SMM) for the Foz Tua New Hydroelectric Project.


LNG terminal in Dunkirk, France, for EDF. Award of the construction of 3 tanks of 190,000 m3 simultaneously.


Establishes itself in Mozambique with the creation of SMM Mozambique, SA.