About Us

SMM -Sociedade de Montagens Metalomecânicas, SA, is, today, in Europe, one of the largest and most respected companies in the field of industrial equipment and plant mechanical assembly and erection, with vast experience and an excellent reputation among companies in the area of major contracts.

With thirty years of history, SMM originates from the restructuring and merging of two of the oldest and, at the time, most reputable mechanical fabrication and erection companies in Portugal, namely Mompor, a company of the CUF Group and Construtora Moderna, a company of the Sorefame Group.

In 1997 the ABB Group buys SMM. SMM is then restructured in accordance with the organisation in place at ABB, from which the integration of the assembly activities of the companies Mague, Sepsa and Sorefame results.

In 2007, resulting from the withdrawal of ABB Group from the Portuguese metallic construction and erection business, SMM was acquired through a MBO operation by the company's management team. Since then, SMM has grown and consolidated its activity, becoming a key player in strategic work and a reference in the areas of LNG Cryogenic Terminals, Power Generation, Piping & Equipment, Hydrocarbon Storage Farms and Terminals and Maintenance.

SMM has, today, a strong international culture, with around 80% of its activity performed overseas.

In general terms and referring exclusively to the most significant interventions, SMM curriculum comprises successfully accomplished contracts in the following areas, including the applicable prefabrication, assembly and erection of equipment (including heavy lifts), metallic structures and piping systems: